The Tree of Knowledge – Harness the Power of Nature

Music, Meditation & Development Group

Thursday Evenings 7.20pm – 9.30pm

You are very welcome to join us to become aware of the meaning of life and how you can move forward on your spiritual journey to come to terms with the wounded soul and understand that lessons in life help us grow in wisdom, knowledge and truth.

Music and guided meditation helps you to relax, heal and gradually gain your own truth and awakening of sensitivity which takes patience, tolerance and trust.  The God essence is within each of us, the key to truth and understanding.

Inspiration in life can be evoked by music, literature, poetry, dance, art, theatre and nature.

We are all seeking to channel the love from the Spirit world, some attuning to the healing energies, others channelling teachings and philosophy through communication, prayers, poetry, prose, art, lyrics and music.

We aim to use our experiences to develop and become healers, mediums, and speakers to work for Spirit and God with discipline, respect, responsibility and humility to help people here on earth.

We are considerate of each others opinions and understand we all see life from different perspectives.  Let there be only love, compassion and empathy to create a harmonious Circle of Light.

We aspire to become pure Light workers 

to bring peace, love and harmony to Mother Earth.