Healing Sanctuary

The angelic realms channel loving, healing vibrations to bring

upliftment in body, mind and spirit.

Some people purely enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the church, whilst others enjoy the friendship, the laughter and healing ambience.

Spiritual Healing is not offered as an alternative to orthodox medicine but is complementary to it.  It requires no faith or belief whatsoever on behalf of the person seeking it, nor is it a requirement that the patient has the same religious belief as that of the healer.

Spiritual Healing is not related to any one religion but a common bond throughout all religions; they all believe that God or a Divine Source can heal.

The healer is merely a channel for the healing energy and as such can neither direct or influence its natural process in any way and remains purely passive at all times.

There are two types of healing in use in this country.  

These are contact healing where the healer places hands on or near to a person and absent healing where the patient is not present in person but healing prayers are  sent to him / her.

Neither massage or manipulation are used during contact healing, nor is a patient required to remove any clothing, except maybe a coat or shoes.

Our healers are qualified and insured as professionals.

Come along Wednesday nights from 6.10pm till 7.10pm to benefit from Spiritual healing.

May you always have love to share,

Health to spare and friends that care,

May you be blessed.




Jesus Christ was a magnificent man,
a wonderful healer and an inspirational teacher.  
He was and still is The Light of the World.