​This is your page.  This is where you can share your spiritual experiences, and your journey.  What brought you to this point in your life and to our church at this time?

We never have time to share our insights at church on Wednesday and we may help someone else by passing them on here.

Just write a note, hand it to Vera and it will be included below.


Searching for answers to questions - and explanations for seemingly inexplicable events - this is what drove me to Vera and to this church.  I’m sure these are the two most common reasons most (though not all) of us would give if asked why we find ourselves sitting in a spiritualist church.

We may have been searching for these answers and explanations for most of our lives but - maybe because we’re busy and because we get by without them - it isn’t until we’re faced with a life changing event that we find we can no longer live without them.

It is wonderful and amazing how our spirit helpers guide us if we are able to open ourselves to receiving and acting on this guidance.

Since my life changing event in 2008 I have become a different person.  I still struggle with my loss and I know I’m not unique in this.  I’m still wondering where my life is going and what I should be doing now - and I never thought when I was 20 that I would still be asking these questions 50 years later.

With the support from family and friends, particularly my spiritual friends, I manage to face each day with trust, hope and faith.

I wish I had listened much earlier to guidance I didn’t acknowledge or understand and if anyone reading this is questioning as I was, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming along to see if it helps you to find those answers.  There is nothing to be afraid of, the energy is loving and bright.  In 2008 I realised that nothing worse could happen to me and any fear evaporated.